Importing Data from Flat Files

The following steps demonstrate how to import data from flat files. The files may be comma-delimited, or use other delimiting characters.

Tip. To import data from Microsoft Excel or similar formats, first save it to character-delimited format. Follow these steps:
  1. In Microsoft Excel, open the file that contains the data you are importing.
  2. Click Save as, then select Comma Separated Values (.csv).
  3. Choose a filename, such as MyCSVdata, and click Save.

Use the new file as source when importing data.

  1. At the top of the main working area, click Import Data.

    Import Data button

    The Import Data from File modal window appears.

  2. In the Import Data from File modal window, click Choose File.

    Import Data from File window
    Import Data from File Modal Window
  3. Using your computer's native browser, find and select the data file.

    Confirm file selection.

  4. In the Import Data from File modal window, click Get Data.

    Import Data from File window
    Selecting a Data File to Upload
  5. In the main area, under Imported File: census.txt, ensure that your data will be imported correctly.

    • Under Database, specify default.
    • Under Table Name, specify state_census.
  6. Examine the data to ensure that it is correct: data types, clean column and line delimiters, clean headings, and so on.

    For example, you may want to change default Number (#) types to Date types, as necessary.

    If you make any changes, remember to click Apply Changes.

  7. Click Confirm Import.

    confirming the data OK to import
    Confirming Data Configuration Before Import
  8. In the Confirm File Import modal window, read the text and note that you cannot change the data after the import completes.

    Click Confirm Import.

    confirming data import
    Confirming Data Import

Next, create a dataset using the imported data.