Downloading Arcadia Instant

Follow these steps to obtain Arcadia Instant installation files, either Arcadia_Instant.pkg for Mac OS, or Arcadia_Instant.msi for Windows platforms:

  1. Navigate to our Arcadia Instant download site.

    The URL address is

    Arcadia Instant Download Site
    Arcadia Instant Download Site
  2. Enter the requested information (Company Email, First Name, Last Name), and click Download Now.

  3. You should see the Thank you for your interest... confirmation screen. It confirms that the link to download Arcadia Instant has been emailed to you.

    It also provides links to sign-up for our demos, and read our product documentation.

    Arcadia Instant Thank you Screen
  4. Check your email Inbox. You should receive an email that looks something like this:

    Arcadia Instant Email with Link
  5. Proceed to downloading and installing for either Mac OS or Windows Platforms.
  6. [Recommended] Examine the links included in the email to familiarize yourself with Arcadia products.