Visuals Interface

In the Visuals interface, you can initiate a number of operations.

The primary Visuals Interface, in Grid View
Visual Interface; Grid View
  1. Start a New Dashboard by clicking New Dashboard.
  2. Access standard groupings by clicking on their titles: All, My Favorites, or Popular.
  3. In the navigation menu, click Modify App Menu to manage apps.
  4. Use the navigation menu to select a specific App. We selected Documentation Collateral.
  5. Look at the Samples that ship with Arcadia Instant.
  6. Use the App as a standalone application by clicking Launch App.
  7. Switch between Grid View and List View.
  8. Navigate to a visual or dashboard to view it simply by clicking on it. Note that the dashboards are marked using a green (dashboards) icon in the bottom right corner, while the visuals are marked with a blue (bar chart) icon.
  9. Preview descriptive information about a visual or dashboard in grid view (hover over the app until a tooltip appears).
  10. In Grid View mode, select and mark visuals and dashboards by hovering over the top right corner and clicking the checkmark.

    The image of the Visual Interface in the List View mode below shows how you can select and mark visuals and dashboards simply by clicking the checkmark that corresponds to the item.

  11. When you select one or more items, the options for selected visuals appear across the top. Clicking Clear Selection de-selects all visuals and dashboards.
  12. Clicking Add to App opens a menu for adding selected visuals and dashboards to existing apps.
  13. Clicking Remove from App removes the selected visuals and dashboards from the current app.
  14. Clicking Delete deletes the selected visuals and dashboards altogether, after a confirmation dialogue.
  15. Clicking the Supplemental Menu, marked by the (ellipsis) icon, enables you to Accelerate Visuals, Export Selected Visuals, or Export App.
  16. Note that list view exposes the ID of the visuals and dashboards, and also references the IDs of dashboards where the visuals appear.
  17. The Edit action, indicated by the (pencil) icon on each line, opens the specific visual or dashboard in Edit mode.
  18. Clicking Delete, indicated by the (trashcan) icon on each line, deletes the visual or dashboard after confirming the action.
The primary Visuals Interface, in List View
Visual Interface; List View