Plotting Routes on Interactive Maps

With Arcadia Instant, you can plot routes over a map by specifying distinct IDs on the Color shelf, a time series on the Tooltips shelf, and enabling the Route Layer, as described in Displaying Route Layer.

The following steps demonstrate how to plot a routes on an interactive map. We are using truck movement data.

  1. Select the appropriate dataset, and create a new dashboard; in the dashboard, open the default visual and change the visual type to Interactive Map.
  2. Enable the Route Layer, as described in Displaying Route Layer: click the Settings menu, select Route Layer, and then select the Enable Routes option.

  3. [Optional] Disable the heatmap, cluster, and marker layers. We recommend that you leave the circle layer in place, so it shows the individual elements of the route. If you choose to hide the circle layer, the graph only shows the route connectors.
  4. Populate the shelves from the available fields (Dimensions, Measures, and so on) in the Data menu.

    • Geo Shelf

      Under Measures, select latitude and longitude, and add them to the Geo shelf.

      If your longitude and latitude measurements are not automatically recognized (appear with a (globe) icon on the Geo shelf), cast them to the appropriate Geo Type. Click the filed on the shelf; in the Field Properties menu, select Change Type, and then select Latitude or Longitude, as appropriate. See Change Type and Geo Data type.

    • Colors Shelf

      Under Measures, select truckid, and place it on the Colors shelf.

      You may need to remove the aggregation from the field on the shelf.

    • Tooltips Shelf

      Under Dimensions, find the eventtime field, and add it to the shelf.

      Click on the field on the shelf, and in the Filed Properties menu, click Order and Top K.

      Choose the Ascending order.

    • Filters Shelf

      [Optional] To restrict the number of routes, you can choose toe filter on the routename field. To restrict the number of trucks displayed, you may choose to restrict on truckid field, and so on.

    • Measure shelf

      [Optional] You can display a measure in addition to the ...

  5. [Optional] Change the color palette to ensure that the routes stand out sufficiently over the regular features of the map.

    Click Colors, and select an appropriate palette.

  6. Click Refresh Visual.

  7. The visual appears.

  8. Change the title of the visual, and Save it.