Trusted Authentication Server Configuration

Configuring the server involves two steps:

  1. Enabling Trusted Authorization

    To enable trusted authorization, modify the local configuration file, such as, and restart the server. The code snippet in Sample Settings can be added to the file.

  2. Adding Trusted Authorization Settings to ArcViz Server

    The following parameters should be added to the Django file, as part of the TRUSTED_AUTH definition.

    A list of trusted IPs; Ticket requests from these IP addresses are validated.
    A list of trusted ticket-granting usernames.
    The time, in seconds, that the ticket remains valid.
    The ticket can be used only one time.
    The duration time, in seconds, of the user session. The setting of 0 ends the user session when browser closes.
    Authenticate a user with admin privileges with a ticket. Set this to False to disable.