Specifying Number of Exported Records

By default, exporting data from a visual as csv exports all the rows and columns that meet the criteria of the query. Arcadia Instant has the option of exporting a fixed number of rows instead.

To specify the new number of records to export for tables, navigate to the Table Style menu, and enter a value in the Number of rows downloaded in CSV export option. The default value of -1 has no impact, and will not limit the number of records.

Limiting Rows Downloaded to CSV File

Set the value of this option to 10.

After downloading this visual's data as CSV (see Downloading Visual Data to CSV Files), check the number of rows.

Note that compared to the default download with value of -1 (left side), only 10 rows are present in the exported data, to match the number of rows specified earlier.

Size of Download: Default vs. Specified Number of Rows