Detailed Data Discovery

This option enables you to click on a part of a visual and see the matching rows of data, in detail. To use this option, you must first enable it, as described in Showing the Detail Data Button in the Context Menu.

The following steps describe how to access the detailed data on the visual.

  1. Consider this visual that shows the number of social media touch points, on a quarterly basis. While Twitter and Tumbl elements seem relatively constant, Facebook numbers for Q1 are low relative other quarters. Let us examine the underlying data.

    Visual to examine using Detailed Data Discovery
  2. Hover over the Facebook portion of the Q1 bar, and examine the totals that appear on the Tooltip.

    Tooltip detail
  3. Click the element to see the context menu, and select Show Detailed Data option.

    Selecting Show Detailed Data
  4. The Detail Data modal window appears.

    Note that it shows the raw data that makes up the clicked visual element, as well as all applicable filters.

    Detailed Data modal
  5. Click Download to save the data as a *.csv file locally.

    Downloading/saving detailed data as a *.csv data
  6. After examining the data, click Done to close the modal window.

    Closing the Detail Data modal