Configuring Data Options for Dashboard Filters

This article describes how to specify the data of a newly created custom filter in the dashboard.

The primary settings are Maximum Number of Rows and Disable Incremental Queries.

custom filter: data
Initial Settings for Custom Filter Data

Maximum Number of Rows

The option Maximum number of rows to fetch limits the number of data rows returned by the query initiated by this filter's action, and used by the visuals in the dashboard. Setting a new maximum overrides the default behavior, which returns as many as 5,000 rows.

Disable Incremental Queries

Arcadia Instant enables you to disable incremental queries at the level of the dashboard filter by selecting the option Disable incremental queries, overriding dataset-level setting. Incremental queries return preliminary results quicker and paints the visuals on the dashboard, and then adjusts the level of detail as more results are incorporated into the calculations. Disabling this feature delays the painting of the visuals until all results are in.