Deleting Visuals and Dashboards in Apps

This exercise demonstrates how to delete visuals and dashboards while examining apps.

  1. On the main navigation bar, click Visuals.
  2. In the left navigation, select the app. We are using Documentation Collateral.
  3. Select the visuals or dashboards you want to delete by hovering over their top right corner and clicking the checkmark (in grid view), or clicking their corresponding checkmarks (in list view). Here, we are only removing one visual, the second World Life Expectancy dashboard, with id=139.
  4. In the Selected Visuals menu across the top, click Delete.

    delete visuals and dashboards when in an app
  5. In the Delete Confirmation window modal, type 'DELETE' in the text box, and click Delete.

    confirm delete visual in app
  6. When the operation completes and the Visuals interface refreshes, note that visual no longer appears, and that the item count for the Documentation Collateral app decreased by one, from 56 to 55.

    remove visuals and dashboards from an app