Adding Visuals and Dashboards to Apps

This exercise demonstrates how to add visuals and applications to existing apps. You can add just one item, or a several at the same time.

  1. On the main navigation bar, click Visuals.
  2. Select a number of visuals or dashboards in one of the following ways:

    • In Grid View, hover over the top right corner of the thumbnail, and click on the checkmark.

      selecting all visuals and applications
    • In List View, click the checkmark that corresponds to the visual or dashboard.

      selecting all visuals and applications

    Note that the action menu for selected visuals appears near the top of the page.

  3. In the action menu, click Add to App, select the apps where you want to add the visuals and dashboards, and click Save.

    Here, the selections are already part of the Documentation Collateral app, and we are adding them to the Marketing app.

    adding selected visuals and dashboards to apps
  4. A success notification window modal appears briefly.
  5. Note that the left navigation menu shows the count of visuals assigned to existing app Marketing increased by three, from 4 to 7.

    increase in cardinality for app groups

To check that the assignments are made correctly, click Marketing in left navigation to see all visuals and dashboards in that app.