Advanced Analytical Features

Details on managing datasets, using advanced analysis and visualization techniques, and deriving data from other reports.

In this section, we explain the complex data types supported by different connections, define dimension hierarchies to enable a smooth transition between the hierarchical levels, identify and manage segments for better insights into the data, and define events in a time-stamped dataset to sequence them chronologically.

For advanced analysis, you can create visual types, such as funnels, flows, correlation flows, and histograms, and use advanced visualization techniques, such as trellises, dual-axis line visuals, and hierarchical cross tabulations. On select connection types Arcadia supports several analytic functions that examine overlapping groupings of data, such as moving average, percent of group, and running total.

You can derive data from another report, build computed columns for re-use, and determine weighted averages and other, more complex calculations.

This section includes the following topics: