Using Multi-Select Mode

This is the default mode for application controls.

  1. In application View mode, hover over a filter that is already added to the application, until the controls appear on the top right.

    active filter based on state field
    Active Filter
  2. Click the icon (gear).

    configuring a filter
    Configuring the Filter

    The Settings modal window appears.

  3. In the Settings modal window, under Display Settings tab, make sure to de-select the following option:

    • Permit only one item to be selected

    [Recommended] To minimize the query refresh time, make the following selection:

    • In multi-select list, apply all changes together

    Click Apply.

    Display Settings for a Multi-Select Filter
    Display Settings for a Multi-Select Filter
  4. Manipulate the filter widget in the following ways:

    • In the state filter, click the (downward arrow) icon to open the menu of available choices.

      The application control expands.

    • [Optional] In the Search box, enter the search term and click the icon (magnifying glass).
    • [Optional] Click Show Selected, immediately under the search bar, to display the sub-list of selected values. This options toggles with Show All.
    • [Optional] Click the unlabeled check box at the top left to include all selections.
    • [Optional] Click the Exclude Selected check box at the top right to exclude the specified selections.
    • Make your selections, as needed.

    In the state filter, click Select.

    The application control expands, in multi-select mode.

    Multi-Select Filter
    Multi-Select Filter