Configuring Custom Filter Values

This article describes how to specify the values of a newly created custom filter in the dashboard. The primary settings are Title, Output Parameter, and Specified Values.

custom filter: values
Initial Settings for Custom Filter Values


Add the title of the filter. This is the name of the filter as it appears in the application at runtime. We recommend that you keep it short and descriptive of the filter's function.

Output Parameter

Arcadia Instant sends output parameters to the target visual to determine the display field.

In cases of optional or variable parameters, output parameter is used on the shelves of the target visual, such as <<[dim], or <<[agg], or in an expression that contains the variable.

Specified Values

These values specify the distinct values of the output parameter on which the filter acts, and labels them.

For example, a <<mes>> output parameter can have the following specified values:

  • Value: gdp_per_capita, Label: GDP per Capita
  • Value: life_expectancy, Label: Life Expectancy