Configuring Custom Filter Display Settings

This article describes how to specify the display settings of a custom filter in the dashboard.

custom filter: data
Initial Settings for Custom Filter Display Settings

Display Textbox Parameter

Choosing the Display a textbox parameter option instructs Arcadia Instant to disregard the values included in the Specified Values option, on the Values tab of the settings window modal. Instead, the user enters a parameter value they want to use at runtime, or search for data that matches certain values.

custom filter: data: display textbox parameter


The Width (in filter mode) option...

Number of Items in Filter Display

The # of items to display option configures the length of the drop-down list.

Permit Only One Item

You can enable the single selection option by checking the Permit only one item to be selected option. ...

Include All

Selecting this option, In single select mode, include an 'All' option, ensures that all data may be examined at once.

For example, in single select mode on a year filter, you can only look at revenue results for a specific year. It may be interesting to look at all reporting years at once.

This option is on my default.

Emit Distinct Parameter

Emit distinct parameters for each item selected option...

Display Selection as Dropdown Menu

This option, designed for the single select mode, ensures that the user works from a drop-down menu instead of radio buttons.

Hide Filter

The Hide filter when no input data is present option does not paint the filter on the dashboard when there is no data that match its specifications.

Remember Previous Selections

This option ….

Apply Changes Together

In multi-select list, apply all changes together option....