Home Page: Welcome to Arcadia Instant!

The information available through Arcadia Instant homepage helps you learn how to use our platform.

Here, let's look at the default home page and all its features.

home page
Arcadia Instant Home Page

The default Homepage for Arcadia Instantcontains the following items:

  1. Main or Top navigation, which enables you to directly access the following interfaces:

    • Home interface,described in this article.
    • Visuals interface, for building Visuals and Dashboards in Visual Designer, and for managing and launching Apps.
    • Data interface, with access to Datasets, Connections, and the Connection Explorer.

      This is also where administrators manage Analytical Views and view Server Logs.

    • Search box, for finding by name specific visuals, dashboards, connections, datasets, and so on.
    • menu, which enables users to access Apps.

      Users with administrative privileges can make Site Administration changes to the following functionality:

      • Users & Groups
      • Manage Roles
      • Custom Styles
      • Custom Colors
      • Static Assets
      • Site Settings
    • Help menu, which includes links to Arcadia Instant Documentation, an e-mail for reaching our support team, support@arcadiadata.com, and the release number of the running instance of Arcadia Instant.

      When we release a new version of Arcadia Instant, we feature the download link for the new release.

    • User stage-management menu, which includes password change and logout options.
  2. Banner Stats that show the number of Visuals, Dashboards, Apps, Datasets, and Total Views which the user can access.
  3. Existing Visuals pane that provides quick access to visuals and dashboards that are:

    • Last Viewed by You
    • Recently Created by You
    • Overall Most Popular
    • Sample Dashboards
  4. Stats for Last 7 Days, including how many visuals, dashboards, apps, and datasets were created.
  5. New Dashboard button.
  6. Connect to your Data link.
  7. Read the Docs link.
  8. What's New in this Release link.