Selecting a Range of Dates on Filter Shelves

For selecting a range of dates in a filter shelf, let's use a visual built on the Flights Delays dataset created from data in table flights-2015-01-02.csv, and extended in Creating Joins.

  1. Create a new cross-tab visual on the dataset Flight Delays with the following configuration:

    • On the X shelf, add the dimension unique_carrier. Alias the field as Airline.
    • On the Y shelf, add the dimension fl_date. Alias the field as Date.
    • On the Measures shelf, add the measure dep_delay, and ensure that it uses the avg(dep_delay) aggregate. Alias the field as Delay.
    • On the Filters shelf, add fl_date.
  2. Click Refresh Visual. Note that all the date values in the dataset, starting with the lone 2014-12-31, ending with 2014-02-27.

  3. On the Filters shelf, click (down arrow) on the fl_date field, then click Select values.

  4. In the Filter for fl_date modal window, click the Date Range tab, and click inside the textbox that contains the text click to select range.

    Note the selection options in date range/calendar interface:

    • Pre-set ranges, such as Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last Week, Last 30 Days, This Month, and Last Month.

    • Custom Range, that can be configured either through the FROM and TO entry boxes, or by manipulating the calendar widgets
  5. In the calendar widget, select the date range of 24th of January 2015 through 7th of February 2015, and click Apply.
  6. After clicking Refresh Visual, the updated visual appears. Note the range of dates we specified in the previous step.