Filter Scope

Filter scope in Arcadia Data has three options: explicit filter scope, dataset filter scope, and app group filter scope.

  1. With Explicit Filter Scope, an app sends parameters to target visuals that contain matching fields on the Filters shelf. This must be enabled at the level of each visual. Note that click behavior has explicit scope, and therefore must be set at parameter level.

    Explicit Scope overrides Dataset Scope. In other words, the filter for datasets does not work on visuals that have explicitly defined scope.

  2. We define Dataset Scope, the default setting for new filters, at the level of the app. It propagates the filters across all visuals inside the app that use the same dataset. Remember that an app may contain visuals based on different datasets.

    Dataset-Scoped filters use the parameter passing mechanism; these parameters may be used within visuals on the shelves, in the title, within expressions, and so on.

  3. We also define App Scope at the app level. Filters with App Scope apply to all app groups that contain the app.