Downloading Visuals as PDF Files

Arcadia Instant enables you to save the data used in visualizations as PDF files.

Availability Notes:
  • This feature must be enabled in the Settings > General menu of the visual, by a user with appropriate access. See Enabling Image or PDF Download.
  • This feature is available only when thumbnails are enabled. See Enabling Snapshots and Thumbnails.
  • For snapshots of custom JS visuals, we support only ECMA Script 5 for Javascript.
  • Arcadia Instant does not support PNG download on the Windows platform.

To save data used in a particular visualization, follow these steps while on the visualization you want to capture.

  1. In Visual Designer, click the (ellipsis) icon at the top of the interface.
  2. Click Download as..., and select PDF from the secondary menu.

    Download as PDF
  3. Open the Download folder on your computer.

    The data is saved to a *.pdf file that has the same name as the visualization.