Creating Visuals with Optional Dimensions

  1. Open a new visual based on World Life Expectancy dataset.
  2. Choose the table chart visual type.
  3. Populate the shelves of the visual:

    • From Dimension, select and move un_region and un_subregion fields onto the Dimension shelf.
    • From Measures, select and move population field onto the Measures shelf.
    • From Dimensions, select and move year field onto the Filters shelf.
    • On the Filters shelf, select year field, choose Pick values from a list, select 2000, and click Save.
    • Click Refresh Visual.
    Set-up for Visual
    Set-up for Visual
  4. From Dimension, select and move country field onto the Dimension shelf.
  5. On the Dimension shelf, select country field, and then select Enter/Edit Expression menu.
  6. In the Enter/Edit Expression modal window,

    • Change the text to the following expression: [<<dim:>>].
    • Click Validate Expression.
    • After successful validation, click Save.
    creating a dimension in Enter/Edit Expression interface
    Creating an Optional Dimension in Enter/Edit Expression Interface
  7. Click Refresh Visual.
  8. Change the name of the visual to Regional Populations.
  9. Click Save.