Release Notes,

Arcadia Instant

(ArcViz, ArcEngine 2.5.2)

This document contains release information notes for Arcadia Instant.

It is accurate at the time of publication. Arcadia Data updates release notes periodically after the software release. To see the catalog of known issues that we are tracking, see Known Issues.


Apache Solr Connections
Starting with this release, you can access your data using Solr connections. See Creating New Apache Solr Connections.
Apache Drill Connections

Starting with this release, you can use Apache Drill to connect to data. See Creating New Apache Drill Connections.

Note that in Arcadia Instant, we support only Mac OS installations for Apache Drill connections, not Windows platforms.

MariaDB Connections
Starting with this release, MariaDB connection are available for all Arcadia Instant installations. See Creating New MariaDB Connections.
Connection Switching
Starting with this release, you can change connections of a Dataset, provided that the data structures on the new connections match the existing definitions.

Visualizations and Applications

Filter Shelves on Visuals

Starting with this release, we enhanced the filter shelf functionality significantly. In addition to previous options of selecting Discrete values for the filter, you can now select an appropriate Range for numerical values, match string values by Pattern, or select a Date Range of tracked events.

Additionally, you can now use the Expression Editor to fine-tune the filter definition, and to combine filter conditions on several columns of the dataset.

See Filter Shelves.

Visual Settings for Color and Palette Combined
Starting with Arcadia Release 3.3.0, the options for palette choice and reversal are available on the Color tab of the Settings module. See Change Color Palette and Reverse Color Palette.
Visual Settings for Color Consistency for Dimensions in an App
This setting moved from the Marks tab to the Color tab of the Settings module. See Making Colors Consistent on Dimension Values.
Dynamic Derived Data
Starting with this release, derived data can be parametrized. See Derived Data.